We are Here for You!

Namaste’ Beloveds:

Wow, we are getting to practice our faith and compassion these days! Please know, your Unity of Omaha family is here to support you! We have many ways to be here for you, even in these days of the unknown.

We are blessed to be Unity Truth students and know the truth of our being. I encourage you to revisit the foundation of our teachings,

Our services, in an amended form, will still be available to you and your family. We began doing Facebook live last Sunday, and we will continue that offering, and we intend to add YouTube Live this week. We ask you to follow the links at the bottom of this section and like us and subscribe to us on these services so that you will have easier access to our broadcasts. With Facebook, you are also able to mark to be notified when we go live. Your leadership team may also be adding other items like meditations and messages of connection.

Brenda and I are working to present a class or two in our regular class times on Wednesdays, and we are also looking at scheduled times of meditation. Please watch for notices in your email, texts, Facebook, and on our website.

Speaking of texting, we are now using texts for notifications. If you have not received a text from us this week, please contact us with your name and cell number and we will add you to the text program.

Both Brenda and I are available for video and phone connections for conversations, spiritual counseling, and support; please contact us to set a time to connect. We are here to support you at all times!

Our Unity of Omaha staff is working from home, and we have our systems set in a way that supports our being able to accomplish all of our tasks remotely; from emails to phone calls, we are still connected.

Please check on each other and keep your connections going in the safe ways we are asked to follow.

I spoke with Damorah yesterday, and we are working closely to bring robust services to you virtually. We decided that our first on-site service will be our “Hippie Sunday.” We know this is a favorite in our community. It was scheduled for this Sunday; we will do a modified version and want to plan a fun Sunday for our return to our space. The announcement came out that we will be in the remote/recorded/live streaming mode through the end of April. Please stay centered and know you are the light and never alone.

We have suspended many of the contracted services for our building. This action helps curb some of our operational expenses, and there are many that continue to occur weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Please, as you are able, continue to support our Spiritual Home. You are welcome to donate online or mail checks to the office:

Unity of Omaha
3424 N 90th Street
Omaha, NE 68134

If cash is your way of contributing, we ask that you create an envelope and place your offering in it each week, and once we are back on-site again, bring it and share it then.

Donate through PayPal

Nothing has the power to separate us from our faith or each other. Find creative ways to connect and support each other; we are family!!!

Many blessings and much love to you all!
Rev. Becky

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