Rev. Brenda Peters, Senior Minister

Rev. Brenda Peters has been officially named Senior Minister of Unity of Omaha. We are excited she is with us and will be working in supporting your spiritual journey here at Unity.

Rev. Brenda has a passion to transform lives, be of service to others and to keep learning. She accomplishes this by her inspirational talks, which she does at different Unity churches and other organizations. Rev. Brenda has a BA in Journalism with a concentration in Photography and Broadcasting with a minor in English.

After working 20 plus years in many different positions as an administrative assistant and support roles, she felt the pull to be of service and yet at the same time somehow inspire others to become their True selves. She also wanted to explore spirituality and become self-aware. This led her on a spiritual journey looking for a faith, in which she felt she could do all this and more. That’s when she found Unity and felt aligned with the teachings.

After becoming a member at Unity of Omaha, she heard the call to ministry and became an ordained Unity minister on June 15, 2020. As an inspirational speaker, she speaks from her heart and connects with those in the audience by sharing her experience in life. As she shares and shows a different way to look at life, she is able to help people see how they can incorporate such ideas in theirs and live their dreams.

Connection is what it is about for Rev. Brenda. Connecting with people one on one and making that type of bond in which others feel they are accepted. Before she came to Unity she knew in her heart there was no separation between any of us. In fact, the sticker Coexist was her favorite and she didn’t know then that Unity embraced that type of thinking. When she found out much later, it clicked in her mind even more that what she felt all those years were true for her and many others. It is this connection to others that drives Rev. Brenda to learn about other cultures, faith and traditions. She has learned about them by doing research and reading on her own. Although recently, she has learned also through the ministerial program at Unity about many different faiths. This drive to understand and be able to honor other cultures, faiths and traditions is important to Rev. Brenda. She knows there is much more than her own personal world and is always ready to explore.

As with everything Rev. Brenda does, she brings her own personal touch. Music is another way she expresses her feelings. She does it through dance and enjoying different genres of music. One of her favorite bands is Kiss, they have a lyric in one of their songs that she likes to live by. They sing, “You’ve got to live like you’re on vacation,” and she tries to do this every day.


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