Leadership Circle

Board of Trustees

Unity of Omaha is operated by an elected Board of Trustees in accordance with our bylaws. Each spring, on the first Sunday in May, we conduct an annual meeting to elect two new regular Trustees to replace those whose 3-year terms have expired along with an alternate to serve for 1 year. The new Board of Trustees then elects officers among themselves to serve in these roles for a year. From time to time, these officials also hold Town Center meetings to provide updates and address any questions or concerns that may arise from the membership. Board members are part of our Leadership Circle which also includes our Program Leaders. Leadership meetings are facilitated in accordance with Holacracy procedures.

Kathi Bratberg

Susan Kimball
Vice President

Sherry Webber

Jerry Imig

Lucie Long
Member at Large

Sonia Carbonell

Pramila Kalaga
Member At Large

Rev. Becky Whitehead
Ex-Officio Member

Each regular Board member also serves as an official link to assist with a Program or Ministry within our community.

Trustee candidates are identified by a Nominating Ministry Team composed of 1 member and an alternate elected at the Annual Meeting, a Trustee appointed by the Board, and the Minister. This Team then selects an additional non-Trustee member of our Spiritual Community to serve as Chairperson for the Nominating Committee Team, tasked with creating a slate of qualified candidates for the next year’s election of the new Board.

Program Leaders

Our Leadership Circle also includes a group of volunteer Program Leaders who serve as our Leadership Team. Leadership meetings are facilitated in accordance with Holacracy procedures.

Rev. Becky Whitehead
Program Lead
Celebration Program

Alysa Choquett
Program Lead
Spiritual Community


Vicki Wilson
Program Lead

Alexandra Parra
Program Lead
Spiritual Social Action

Pramila Kalaga
Program Lead
Adult Education




Rev. Brenda Peters

Rev. Brenda Peters
Program Lead
Youth and Family

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