Prosperity Course

Wednesdays through February 26, 11:30 a.m.; repeated at 7 p.m. —

Are you ready for an exciting challenge? This version of the classic Unity course, Prosperity, will invite you to engage the thoughts and ideas of two of Unity’s greatest teachers and metaphysicians, Charles Fillmore and Eric Butterworth. Although Fillmore’s and Butterworth’s perspectives sometimes differ, you’ll see in our time together how their ideas complement each other. Together, Charles Fillmore and Eric Butterworth will lead you into a greater understanding of prosperity, what it is and how it works.

Course Description: Prosperity is based on a combined study of Charles Fillmore’s book, Prosperity, and Eric Butterworth’s Spiritual Economics. In our study, we will compare and contrast the ideas of these two great teachers as we study substance, the activity of mind, faith, visualization, what it means to develop a giving consciousness, the truth about money, and how to replace a consciousness of lack with a lasting consciousness of abundance. As we study each concept the course brings to our attention, we will explore ways to use those ideas in our daily lives. Then, to the extent that we are willing, we will put these ideas into practice in a “real life” prosperity project.

An important part of our work together will be to support each other in prayer and with encouragement as we grow in consciousness and work on our prosperity projects.

For more information on this course, read the full syllabus.

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